• Etling beach asters (Erigeron) vase

    Oval vase with a bouquet of beach asters (Erigeron) flowers on both sides, on an oval base and an oval rim, 20 cm high, 24 cm diameter, 11 cm deep.

  • Etling bindweed vase

    Trumpet vase with bindweed flowers, on an octagonal foot.

  • Etling black obsidian vase

    Round footed vase with a globular base and a narrow funnel neck sandblasted with an abstract design, 30.5 cm in height.

  • Etling budgerigar vase

    Baluster vase with budgerigars, 25 cm high

  • Etling calabash gourd vase

    Amber vase sandblasted with an abstract design, on a heavy round foot, about 25 cm high.

  • Etling campanulas vase

    Globe vase with campanula flowers and foliage, 19 cm high, 17 cm maximum diameter.

  • Etling chevrons globe vase

    Footed globe vase with two bands of chevrons, 22 cm high.

  • Etling dahlias vase

    Dahlias baluster vase, about 12 cm high and 6 cm diameter at the rim.

  • Etling ‘femme échevelée’ vase

    Ovoid vase with a stylised 'fountain' rising up from a round base, with nudes with flowing hair on each side, 30.5 cm high

  • Etling ferns vase

    Round obovate vase with four upright fern fronds, narrow round rim, 16.5 cm high.