• Etling ‘La Chasse’ Vase

    Round vase with a frieze depicting a deer hunt, featuring two deer, a deer being attacked by a hunting dog, and a mythological winged centaur (pterocentaur), 32-35 cm high (depending on the height of the neck), 25 cm diameter.

  • Etling leaves cylinder vase

    Slightly flared cylinder vase with three leaves arranged vertically, wrapped round in four bands, 19 cm high, 11 cm across a wavy rim.

  • Etling marguerites vase

    Tall elliptical vase with marguerites, 31 cm high.

  • Etling Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Vase

    Footed vase, oval in cross-section, c.27 cm high, with Opuntia (prickly pear) stems and flowers and thin vertical ribs on the sides.

  • Etling portrait of a girl vase

    Octagonal vase with a portrait of a girl in an octagonal frame on the front, with sunbeams emanating out to the sides, on an oblong base, and with an oblong rim.

  • Etling Hirondelles Vase

    Ovoid vase with six flying swallows around the top half of the vase, in frosted glass, 26 cm high, 23 cm maximum diameter.

  • Etling turtles footed vase

    Hexagonal footed vase with a bowl 30 cm in diameter, 18 cm high to the rim, on a square base, with a stem consisting of six turtles facing upwards.

  • Etling twin nudes vase

    A shouldered vase featuring a pair of female nude figures, draped in strips of fabric, 38 cm high.

  • Etling veiled dancer vase

    Lozenge shaped vase or lamp base with scantily clad lady depicted on both side panels, with arms above her head, on a round base, and with an octagonal rim, 30.5 cm tall, 25 cm maximum with, 11 cm deep.

  • Etling ‘Les Blés’ vase

    Ovoid vase with six stalks of wheat and foliage, 16.5 cm high, 12.5 cm maximum width, 4.3 cm across the rim, and 9.3 cm across the base.