Description: Chinese veiltail goldfish (voile de chine) ornament, 12 cm high
Glass: Frosted (satin); Opalescent
Designer: G.H. Laurent
Date: Present in the 1932 Choisy-le-Roi catalogue.
Note: The veiltail is a type of fancy goldfish known for its extra-long, flowing double tail and high sail-like dorsal fin.

Reference: Decelle, P. (1986) Opalescence Le Verre Moulé Des Anneés 1920-1930. Fig. 57.

This example is in frosted glass.

This example is in opalescent glass on a silvered lamp base. The form of the basal fins is somewhat different from the example in frosted glass. Image courtesy of Garry Stylianou, Curium Arts Décoratifs at Armadale Antique Centre.