• Etling 3

    'Eternal Life' amphora vase, with a Greek frieze around the neck and around the top of the flared base, in frosted glass, and clear glass in the grooves of the frieze, marked Tateos on the side in the mould near the bottom, 18 cm high, 13.5 cm maximum width, 7 cm diameter base, 7.7 cm diameter rim.

  • Etling 8

    Oval tray with octagonal central panel with flowers, 36 cm x 22.5 cm x 4.5 cm high

  • Etling 11

    Vase with biconical base and long neck with grooves in a chevron pattern, 20.5 cm high, 18.3 cm maximum width, 6.5 cm diameter rim, 10 cm across the base, signed TATEOS in a groove of the chevron pattern.

  • Etling 12

    Hexagonal vase on a round base, with acacia ('mimosa') foliage and flowers on each side panel, in opalescent glass, 17 cm x 17 cm at the rim, 19.5 cm high, 11.4 cm diameter base.

  • Etling 13

    Thistles lamp base, 17 cm maximum diameter, 26 cm high. Marked 'Etling' and sometimes 'Julien' on the base. Known with a metal base and light fittings.

  • Etling 14

    Globe vase with bulbous neck, with stylized waterlilies on the main body, in frosted glass, 19 cm maximum diameter, 24 cm high.

  • Etling 15

    Vase or lamp base with geometric shapes reminiscent of stalactites around the top, in frosted glass, 15.5 cm maximum diameter, 31.2 cm high

  • Etling 16

    Baluster vase with butterflies, 30 cm high, 20 cm maximum diameter.

  • Etling 17

    Round vase with basket weave cylindrical lower half and a flared and fluted upper half, 18 cm high, 10 cm diameter at the base, 21 cm across the rim.

  • Etling 19

    Vase with elephants heads, 30 cm high