Description: Ovoid vase with a stylised ‘fountain’ rising up from an oval base, and oval shaped rim, with nudes with flowing hair on each side, 30.5 cm high, maximum width 22 cm.
Glass: Frosted (satin); opalescent; pink
Designer: Lucille Sevin
Date: 1932 or before
Note: The pink version seen was unsigned and may have been made after Etling ceased trading.

Reference/Référence B.D. (Janvier 1932) Le verre dans la décoration œuvres de Mme Sevin, Delabassé, Béal, Geza Hiecz, G. Granger: éditées par Etling. Mobilier et Décoration 12(1) 134 Click here to download/Cliquez ici pour télécharger – PDF 576 kB